The Gore Gore Girls

Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Year Released: 1972
Rating: 2.0

A dapper, sarcastic private detective (Frank Kress) is hired by a reporter (the adorably klutzy Amy Farrell) to track down the person responsible for murdering go-go dancers (at a club owned by Henny Youngman!). Though typically sleazy and cheesy - as all of Lewis' work is - there are actually several humorous moments in this courtesy of The Killer, whose 'methods' of wiping out the dancers keep getting progressively more creative: one has her face ironed, another has her head boiled (along with some french fries!), yet another has her buttocks literally tenderized and yet another (!) gets her nipples snipped with scissors ... only to discover that one breast produces whole fat milk and the other, chocolate (babies got it good). When it isn't being outrageous with smashing up makeup and prosthetics, however, it goes back to cornball humor and overacting and inane plot revelations ... but at least there are plenty of strippers to keep the (almost exclusively) male audience distracted.