Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Director: Russ Meyer
Year Released: 1965
Rating: 3.0

Crazy, sexy, campy, cool. Three buxom go-go vixens spend their free time racing their cars, wrestling with each other and causing general mayhem: their intrepid leader (Tura Satana) kills a man in the desert following a race, kidnaps his girlfriend and then goes out to rob an old cripple of his money (Crime Spree-a-Go-Go!). Though the dialogue and acting are, ahem, outlandish, the camerawork is actually competent - Meyer was trained with motion picture equipment when in the Army, and his combination of expertise with framing, lighting and his non-stop fascination with mammaries makes for some alluring compositions. Chock-full of nutty one-liners and an absurd number of deaths by a combination of switchblade, neck breaking and vehicular homicide, this is silly fun, and revels in 'the dark side' of the female nature (before killing off the bad girls and letting the good one live).