Director: Sofia Coppola
Year Released: 2010
Rating: 2.0

A Hollywood actor (Stephen Dorff) spends his time driving around his Ferrari, nailing random women in the Chateau Marmont (where he's holed himself up in order to smoke, drink and order pole dancers for his entertainment), doing press tours for his new movie (in L.A., in Milan) and caring for his daughter (Elle Fanning). I'm not picking up the existential 'crisis' in this that was so apparent in Lost in Translation (which this is basically a 'remix' of): in that picture (which this invites comparisons to), Scarlett Johansson, depressed and lonely, forms a strong kinship with the jaded Bill Murray; Dorff and Fanning never 'come together' in a similar way. Dorff's character is a lazy hedonist and his 'mental break' arrives out of nowhere: he concludes he's 'nothing,' drives to the middle of nowhere and starts walking aimlessly. Woe to the fortunate.