Film Socialisme

Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Year Released: 2010
Rating: 3.0

Strange, disconnected video art from JLG, who is still using the medium as a sketchpad of ideas, some of which sting and have relevance (he's a grouch but an educated grouch) but others just ... drift on by (or make sense to the auteur and a select few). The cruise ship-as-metaphor is rich and JLG toys with the footage in intriguing ways - the use of HD makes it look like a vacation video reworked by a mischievous experimental filmmaker - though there's just so much in there (comments on World Wars, current political problems, Europe's 'weaknesses') and it's so muddled and messy it's incredibly difficult to follow his train of thought (or even come to a conclusive 'point' - socialism's good ... right, boss?). I think the assault of images and ideas is some kind of statement about today's ADHD culture and the disintegration of (a.) the technology of cinema, (b.) the structure of cinema and (c.) the "performances" in cinema, but I'm not sure - it seems to willfully defy you to "rate" it. No comment, you say? No certainties, I reply.