Road Trip

Director: Todd Phillips
Year Released: 2000
Rating: 2.5

Actually, this is something of a guilty pleasure: a college movie about college students going on a road trip that doesn't feel so out-of-place in the hierarchy of college-pictures-that-try-to-be-real (well, all right, it isn't an exact replica of "reality," but as close as the movies are going to get, admittedly). Most of the cast is likeable, but Tom Green really steals everything, since he probably improvised his material, and volunteered to put a mouse in his mouth. Has a giant void where "meaning" should be, and suffers from a few awkward scenes (Fred Ward's gun-wielding hysterics, the black frat house stuff), but is usually quite funny and light. Director Phillips can be seen sucking Amy Smart's toes on a bus - ahh, the perks of being a mediocre filmmaker.