What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Director: Robert Aldrich
Year Released: 1962
Rating: 1.0

Surprisingly successful film is a flop in my eyes - when you strip it from the era it was made, it's less frightening than it's said to be, relies less on plotting and psychology and verging into dark camp. Bette Davis "cares for" invalid Joan Crawford (both of them were ex-child stars, but when the 15 minutes were up for Davis, Crawford shined) by killing animals and serving them to her for dinner, insulting her and reading her mail. The premise - Crawford tries to get Davis committed while Davis seeks to resuscitate her career - goes absolutely nowhere; even a promising side plot with Victor Buono, who plays a supremely bizarre musician, is partially developed (what is his purpose in the film anyway?). For my money, Gloria Swanson's take on an aging movie actress in Sunset Boulevard is unbeatable.