Get Him to the Greek

Director: Nicholas Stoller
Year Released: 2010
Rating: 1.5

More like: Let's Humiliate Fatty. Music industry worker Jonah Hill (playing Jonah Hill) gets the task of making sure rocker hellion Russell Brand (playing Russell Brand) to the States for a concert, but the trouble with escorting wild-'n-woolly musicians is the fact that it's drinking, drugs and sex all day and all night (who cares about time?). Humor is relegated to Sean Combs' foul-mouthed, consistently pissy producer - he's much funnier than Tom Cruise's plump exec in Tropic Thunder - while the rest is Daddy Issues, Commitment Issues, Weak Songs ("African Child," another one about the Clap) and using Hill's awkwardness to subject him to consistent degradation. The cameos by Pharrell Williams, Lars Ulrich and Paul Krugman (?) are nice diversions, but the center is hollow.