Tony Manero

Director: Pablo Larraín
Year Released: 2008
Rating: 1.5

Slimy Al Pacino-looking dance-floor hugger (Alfredo Castro, a million miles of anguish) believes himself to be an excellent Tony Manero (John Travolta's character in Saturday Night Fever) impersonator ... when he isn't murdering people or trying (unsuccessfully) to rape his own daughter. The connection between Manero-as-icon and Pinochet's reign in Chile is weak and Castro's character is too nondescript to articulate his fascination with the fictional figure; the picture seems resigned to wallow in its transgressive aspects, leaving any potential subtext an afterthought. Larraín should be credited with at the very least leaving his anti-hero to be thoroughly loathsome throughout; there is no humanity in that sunken face.