Pig-Chicken Suicide

Director: Yoshihiko Matsui
Year Released: 1981
Rating: 1.0

Mostly random assemblage of junk footage: it starts with an overlong montage of pigs being pigs before getting around to its 'regular characters,' which include a man who eats pig waste (which he picks off his plimsoll) and a chicken coop worker who wears a chicken beak mask and makes chicken noises. There's a clear intent to shock - a man masturbates while watching a woman masturbate, a brother and sister engage in a sexual relations, animals are shown being slaughtered - but it comes across as the work of an amateur and only a curio for fans of weirdo cinema in general (this and A Man and His Pig would, as someone noted on the Internet Movie Database, make an exhausting double-feature). Matsui made a substantial leap beyond this with (the still flawed) Noisy Requiem, which is a slightly better examination of alienation and the mentality of society's outcasts.