Director: Jorma Taccone
Year Released: 2010
Rating: 0.5

Another idiotic attempt to turn a semi-amusing three minute Saturday Night Live sketch into a full-length movie. It's supposed to be a riff on the already jokey, long-running TV show MacGyver, whose character could turn innocuous objects into weapons - there are a few references to that show, like MacGruber (co-writer and star Will Forte) wielding thumbtacks and rubber bands, but for the most part it's a series of failed running gags and infantile humor (if you find the sight of two grown men stuffing stalks of celery into their behinds to be your idea of tee-hee, this is your cup of awful). They were aiming for "stupid-funny" - which is already tricky to pull off - and ended up "stupid-stupid." The charming Kristen Wiig is completely wasted, though at least Val Kilmer's enjoying his bad guy role.