Director: Vincente Minnelli
Year Released: 1946
Rating: 3.0

Inquisitive Katharine Hepburn marries industrious and charming Robert Taylor, but it appears new hubby has a lot of demons and is determined to keep his wayward, controversial brother (Robert Mitchum, oddly the voice of reason here) away from her. Sort of a warning picture for women to be cautious of the debonair, deceptively "perfect" men they choose to wed - outward appearances being deceiving and all that - and Hepburn's perfect at her role as probing detective (early scenes show her fiddling with a huge chemistry kit - the influence of super smart Dad), though the last half hour of this is unsatisfying, with a killer horse taking care of the problem. Taylor's role seems to me to be a bit underwritten, and Mitchum's role is more or less a cameo, but Hepburn does better at 'fighting back' against patriarchy than Ingrid Bergman in the ridiculous Gaslight, which saves the movie.