Youth in Revolt

Director: Miguel Arteta
Year Released: 2009
Rating: 2.0

Desperate, bland teen (Michael Cera, playing Michael Cera) finds he can't woo the girl of his dreams (Portia Doubleday) by being himself, so he creates an alternate persona, "Francois" (Michael Cera, with a cigarette, mustache and aviators) to make him more of a 'European bad guy' and therefore attractive. This is lively if familiar, rehashing standard teen 'issues' (acceptance, jealousy, etc.) and throwing in a little bawdy humor - in the style of Superbad - for a few chuckles ("Francois" has some good lines). Justin Long, as a 'shroom head of few words, is fast becoming one of my favorite character actors, livening up many a picture (Idiocracy, He's Just Not That Into You, Drag Me to Hell).