His Kind of Woman

Director: John Farrow
Year Released: 1951
Rating: 2.5

Down-on-his-luck gambler (the Robert Mitchum) is sent to Me-hi-co for mysterious reasons - turns out there's a nasty con (Raymond Burr, bug-eyed and awful) who needs a new identity to smuggle himself back into the United States. Aside from the seemingly illogical plotting, this is also oddly paced and structured - it shifts focus onto the Vincent Price 'actor' character (who leaped in this from an altogether different movie) and loses track of the Jane Russell songstress character. Still, it's a fascinating mess, with some zippy one-liners (wonderfully delivered by Mitchum), cornball Shakespearean quotations (by Price!) and a nice gag about ironing your money and your pants (only do the latter when you have none of the former).