Capitalism: A Love Story

Director: Michael Moore
Year Released: 2009
Rating: 3.0

Somebody had to say it. Agit-prop mastermind Moore goes after the American economy in this one (after going after the botched health care 'system' pre-Obama in Sicko), showing various cases where people were put out of their homes, struggle to find shelter and become desperate for employment and the way Corporate America has all of Congress in its pocket. His tactics may be a little rough, but that's never going to change - standing outside AIG and shouting that he's there to collect the people's money is a little too much, but in a way he's setting an example: why shouldn't someone (or, more accurately, everyone) be out there screaming? Why haven't the 95% of the population that has limited funds and worries about loans and debt take a stand against the Precious Few who control such an incredible amount of money? As a movie it's a bit mashed together and could have used some paring down, but it's difficult to deny that many of the points he makes - as shaky as the facts can be, and as 'skewed' as many say his 'evidence' is - do have their root in some basic truth: he's still a comedian and not a number crunching economist; he's an entertainer, and his product is entertaining (to those who agree with him, naturally). He makes movies because, believe it or not, he actually gives a damn about people in a time where it's fashionable to be apathetic, and that is worthy of praise.