Human, Too Human

Director: Louis Malle and René Vautier
Year Released: 1974
Rating: 2.0

Malle and Vautier take their camera inside a car factory - and, briefly, a dealership - and record the various assembly-line workers performing their painfully repetitious tasks. Although I'm assuming this is some bid for audience sympathy with the working man/woman and his/her monotonous work life, but the film had a hypnotic effect on me and empathy for their plight became replaced with fascination (what does that widget do? what are those women doing with those metal pieces? ah, so that's how they work on the frame!). The workers are exploited, but they've been rendered silent, with only the (very noisy) sound of their labor filtering through. Malle needed to be a little more Luc Moullet with this one, I'm afraid.