Gas! -Or- It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It

Director: Roger Corman
Year Released: 1970
Rating: 0.5

A bomb is set off that kills everyone over 25, leaving the U.S. of A in the hands of a bunch of talentless actors and their moronic Vietnam-era rhetoric. In their own way, the free-love, free-drug movies of the time were just as absurd and out-of-touch as the paranoid no-drug, no-love warning pictures made in earlier decades (Reefer Madness for one) - extremes just don't satisfy the way they should (and, to paraphrase Phillip Lopate, the hedonist's despair is that he/she must make do with the present). Someone should have rewired the detonating device in question to wipe out everyone under 25 - heaven knows teenagers always have it comin' to them.