Kids Return

Director: Takeshi Kitano
Year Released: 1996
Rating: 2.0

Two punks from high school rob people, torment their teachers and peers, and sneak into adult movies sporting goofy guises. Eventually, they give up on school completely: one joins the Yazuka, the other takes up boxing, and both find success in their "adult" surroundings. Naturally, things fall apart, as their immaturity contributes to their downfall. Works well for a while, then takes a dive - once Kitano drops the all important sense-of-humor, it turns into a droning, self-important exercise and "statement" about youth and the "failure" of the education system (not real sure exactly what he means by the latter, since very little time is devoted to the teachers and their respective philosophies). Liked some of it, but hardly enough to prompt anyone to seek it out - Kitano's "gangster" films, starring himself, are better realized works.