Director: Roland Emmerich
Year Released: 2009
Rating: 0.5

Ah, catharsis: another Emmerich destruction movie that leaves me rooting for Mother Nature to find new and exciting ways to obliterate we worthless scum (first thing to wash away: Washington D.C.!) ... and yet it takes so long (close to three hours) for most of this to happen (whatever happened to instantaneous evaporation?). The CGI is questionable at several points and the plot and characters are like water vapor: all their human talk and Sad Panda phone calls ("Son, I love you" ... then death) drags out the environmental punishment. Tucks a half-decent idea in there at the end - the return of Noah's Ark! - and contains a goofy performance by Woody Harrelson ... who, in reality, is probably more than eager to announce the End of Days and probably begged for the role.