Otaku no Video

Director: Takeshi Mori
Year Released: 1991
Rating: 2.0

Now-notorious anime in-joke that pokes fun at extreme anime fans ('otaku' ... not exactly a compliment) and their ... obsessive behavior. It's thin as both animated story (two buddies decide to start an empire making 'garage kits,' basically resin dolls resembling well-loved anime characters) and pseudo-documentary (with real-life 'otaku'), but to its credit it is actually based (somewhat loosely) in fact, which is terrifying. Also terrifying is how anyone can prefer fictional females to real ones, though at least the fictional ones don't call you at odd hours to find out where you are, drive up to your house unexpectedly to find out who's with you or make the Jealousy Game a second career. But, once more, I digress....