What's Up, Tiger Lily?

Director: Woody Allen and Senkichi Taniguchi
Year Released: 1966
Rating: 3.0

Silly early Woody Allen effort is actually a clever re-dub of a lousy Japanese movie, changing the plot so that the characters are in search of an elusive egg salad recipe. The bits with The Lovin' Spoonful don't belong at all - a point Allen noted at the time - but for the most part the picture is quick and light, and not all the laughs come from Allen (or his co-scripters): the original movie has some ridiculous elements (and goofy expressions) that didn't need altering. Belongs on a double-bill with René Viénet's kung fu-meets-Situationalism movie Can Dialectics Break Bricks?, a little seen but fascinating example of détournement.