Kelly's Heroes

Director: Brian G. Hutton
Year Released: 1970
Rating: 1.0

I hate having my time wasted by a picture without anything new or interesting to show me, and here's a case where the director and screenwriters look to other, better films and rehash them in the dullest way. Eastwood's idea of "fleshing out" his character is grimacing, Savalas plays Kojak in fatigues and Donald Sutherland acts like a complete dope, manning tanks that shoot paint ("You're ruining my positive vibes, man"). I don't think so. The one shot at sentiment - two of Kelly's Zeroes get shot in a field - prompted much groaning by me (there's an obligatory slow orchestral piece to accompany the looks of sorrow); the whole thing plays like an afterthought. Slow, dumb, and loud - but at least the ending didn't try to toss in Sierra Madre-esque moralizing. It is all about the money.