The Exiles

Director: Kent MacKenzie
Year Released: 1961
Rating: 1.5

A crisply photographed but problematic 'documentary' (I use the term very, very loosely) about several Native Americans living in Los Angeles is unique in its choice of subject but is not exactly much of a probing sociological study. MacKenzie forgoes sync sound and adds the dialogue in post-production, which makes it look like an amateur's production - not only that, but what the 'characters' have to say is about as insightful as how they spend their nights (drinking, smoking, gambling, fighting ... not the best representation). I imagine you can make the same exact 'documentary' about Mexican immigrants in California today (that is, if it hasn't already been done), with the exception that the L.A. MacKenzie photographed in the late 50's is no longer 'there.'