Funny People

Director: Judd Apatow
Year Released: 2009
Rating: 1.0

A famous comedian (Adam Sandler) finds out he has a form of leukemia so he reassesses his priorities in life, hires a young upstart to write new material for him (Seth Rogan) and returns to his beginnings, doing stand-up. The title is completely wrong, and it's actually quite the downer - the funniest thing about it is the IMDb trivia comment that says it was inspired by The Great Gatsby - and the endless dick and poop jokes do little to compensate from the smugness. It doesn't know when to quit, either, and the time after Sandler's character discovers he will survive - and tries to win back old flame Leslie Mann - is like a different movie altogether. The Aziz Ansari character ("RAAAAAAAANDY" ... with eight A's) may be the movie's idea of the most obnoxious kind of comedian, but I'd rather listen to him talk about cunnilingus in a hot tub than what Apatow thinks of as "honesty."