Director: Lynn Shelton
Year Released: 2009
Rating: 1.5

Two old buddies (Mark Duplass and Joshua Leonard), after a night of drinking and smoking pot in an anything-goes commune, come to the conclusion that they need to make an amateur porn movie for the local festival of the two of them having sex ... even though neither of them are gay, and one of them is married. While this is certainly something that might be 'joked about' at, like, a frat party - and chalked up to alcohol poisoning a day later - the actual attempt to go through with it (and the Duplass' character risking his marriage to even try something) is pure scripting: 'straight' men generally don't try this sort of thing, so when the day of the 'big bang' comes, it ends up - predictably - a whimper. I suppose if you were eager to defend this you could say it's about the depths (and limits) of friendship, though I find the whole thing lazy and gimmicky (and for a better portrait of a one-night experiment, the brilliant The Hours and Times is far richer).