The Weather Underground

Director: Sam Green and Bill Siegel
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 2.5

Efficient though sparse and frills-free documentary about the Weathermen, a organization that existed during the painful Vietnam days and set to bomb government buildings ("Bring the War Home"). It does to a degree - and to its credit - acknowledge the hubris and pretentiousness of the domestic terrorists (Ayers, Dohrn, et. al) while pointing out (accurately) that the government (particularly INGSOC and their 'counter-intelligence,' hold your laughter) committed crimes just to get back at them, and since the documentary was made in the 21st century instead of the late 60's it doesn't have self-righteous tone. With the wealth of information available on the subject, however, ninety minutes - with padding - is short-changing things: I don't expect Ken Burns, but this is malnourished.