The Young Lions

Director: Edward Dmytryk
Year Released: 1958
Rating: 3.0

Somewhat tacky, somewhat bloated WWII picture juxtaposes the lives of two American G.I.s called for duty - a nebbish bookworm (Montgomery Clift) and a Broadway star (Dean Martin) - as well as a German soldier (Marlon Brando) who becomes disillusioned with the war. The scenes of actual war are awkwardly scattered about and disrupt the rhythm of the story, and showing the one good Nazi left torturing himself for the sins of his country basically permits Brando to martyr himself for three hours (und vit und German ak-scent, ya), but like other mid-tier WWII movies it has a few good things going for it, mainly the star power of the three leads and the usual complaints about the cruel politics of Army life and the need for dignity regardless of religious affiliation. Dmytryk was never the most subtle of directors, but he keeps it watchable.