A l'aventure

Director: Jean-Claude Brisseau
Year Released: 2009
Rating: 1.0

Carole Brana, not sexually satisfied by her boyfriend (or even herself), meets up with a psychoanalyst/hypnotist (Arnaud Binard) who is able to make women, via hypnosis, either orgasm, have visions of dead nuns or levitate (sometimes a combination of all three!). Aside from the fact that this entire movie is inane and laughable ("Scratch her!"), it's more or less a glossier, higher-minded version of something like The Story of O or the movies of Jean Rollin - Brisseau seems to suggest that women are better off sexually without men, and I'm sure many women would agree with him. The scenes in the movie where the physics teacher (Frédéric Aspisi) talks to Brana about the universe, the speed of light and things like that are compelling (and true), but don't really mesh with the main 'sexual hypnosis' plot line.