The Muppet Movie

Director: James Frawley
Year Released: 1979
Rating: 1.5

Full-length Muppet "meta-feature" charting how it all began: from Kermit in the swamp with a banjo all the way to Hollywood with his newly acquired friends to meet a gigantic Orson Welles. The TV show was something special because it gave the various Muppets their little skits that were done within a few minutes - Bunson and Beaker's failed experiments, Animal being destructive, The Swedish Chef attempting to cook something that's still alive and wishes to remain alive - but this is a series of mediocre songs (I find "The Rainbow Connection" to be maudlin) and countless unfunny celebrity cameos (except for Steve Martin's sarcastic waiter) strung together as a 'satirical' road picture. The screenplay was actually ghost-written by Fozzie Bear.