Director: Bruno Dumont
Year Released: 1999
Rating: 3.5

I had originally written a pretty unfavorable review of this film when I first saw it, but had to re-write it. Why? Simply put, of the last year, it's one of the pictures I've most quoted, referenced and alluded to in my everyday life, with friends and family. Watching it is a challenging endeavor, but the minimalist poetry obviously shined through for me; L'Humanité (literally, Humanity) is about the agony of life and the meaninglessness of information. The shot of the lead character screaming at an on-rushing train is both ludicrous and strangely unforgettable. I still harbor doubts as to whether it's a work of brilliance, but with each passing day its relevance as a work of art stays with me. And for that, no form of criticism is necessary.