Come Drink With Me

Director: King Hu
Year Released: 1966
Rating: 2.5

When evil bandits - led by Jade-Faced Tiger, sporting a dart-shooting fan and in need of a tan (like Joel Grey in Cabaret, dare I say?) - kidnap the governor's son, the governor's daughter, Golden Swallow, leaps in to get him back. Fine as an action picture, combining elements of dance and swordplay, only getting exceptionally choppy in the third act where it almost seems like there are missing scenes: according to Tsui Hark, producer Run Run Shaw got his grubby little fingers in there are ordered changes, just like today's meddling, art-starved Hollywood producers. It lacks the depth and spirituality of King Hu's 1971 picture A Touch of Zen - one of the great films in the genre - but the high level of Grrl Power and brisk pacing are praiseworthy.