The Forbidden Kingdom

Director: Rob Minkoff
Year Released: 2008
Rating: 0.0

Hundreds of kung-fu related Shaw Brothers movies are in existence and I'd be willing to bet a sizeable portion of them were made with more passion and dedication than this shoddy, terribly written replication. The initial desire to see Jackie Chan and Jet Li collaborating together was instantly squelched by the opening sequence, which has a karate movie dork (with a Dreamcast?) going back in time, learning the Secret Art of the Monkey Crouch and Tiger Strike and Mantis Stance and Pole Attack and then saving a Monkey Man from a Dandy Wizard who owns a Lava Pit. Computer graphics now replace the noble art of wire work; a good number of the shots look laughably bad. If movies could be tried for Crimes against Culture this one should be hanged in the public square and the salaries of those involved should be pooled and donated to charity (which, as I've mentioned before, should happen to a lot of movies).