Director: Milos Forman
Year Released: 1979
Rating: 1.5

An Oklahoma man (John Savage) who has been drafted into the Army takes a bus to New York where he is immediately greeted by filthy Hippies dancing in Central Park and the wealthy woman of his dreams (Beverly D'Angelo) on horseback. The attack on the Squares by the Open-Minded wasn't even exciting and intelligently done in the late 60's when Vietnam was fresh; by the time Forman and the Studios got this out in the late 70's, the topic was "safe" because the conflict was over. The re-tooling of the original musical allows for Milos & Co. to take the film away from the Big Apple and to boot camp which is certainly an improvement over the earlier scenes of brash behavior (taking acid, skinny dipping, pissing off their parents). It's good to know that that generation got all that screwing and bra-burning out of the way before succumbing to the Allure of Money as they got older.