Classe Tous Risques

Director: Claude Sautet
Year Released: 1960
Rating: 3.0

A wanted man (Lino Ventura) with a wife and two kids needs to make his way from Italy to Paris - he is aided, at one point, by a flashy upstart (Jean-Paul Belmondo) who also acts as his driver. Made with a high degree of icy professionalism by Sautet, it's more efficient than flashy or original - it lacks the ingenuity of a Jean-Pierre Melville or some of the better American noirs (Blast of Silence, for one). Belmondo and Ventura make a fine pair, coincidentally, with Jean-Paul playing loyalist to Lino when most of Lino's corrupt acquaintances turn on him - the rewards for his dedication are a bullet in the leg and a girl in his arms. Bogart would be proud.