Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?

Director: William Klein
Year Released: 1966
Rating: 0.0

French TV wants to get inside the head of top supermodel Polly Maggoo (Dorothy McGowan) and finds out what makes her tick, which makes as much sense as asking Roman Polanski to write a book on babysitting. As an 'attack' on the 'vapidity' of the fashion industry, it's disorganized and puerile, with Klein - 'inspired' by the French New Wave - dicing things up until they stop making sense. I noticed that in one of the forums on the Internet Movie Database someone remarked, "This could have only been made in the sixties," which translates to, "the 60's produced a lot of hippie-druggie garbage." It also appears to be a somewhat disingenuous gesture on Klein's part: he's making an attempt to mock a business that he's done his best work in: fashion photography. Take pride in what you're good at, I say. Klein was never much of a filmmaker.