Love Songs

Director: Christophe Honoré
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 1.0

Following the sudden death of his girlfriend, gadabout Louis Garrel copes the way everyone does: he walks around town, doesn't do a whole lot of work, sings the occasional song (poorly) and experiments with homosexuality (naturally). Honoré thinks he is being clever by randomly tossing in musical numbers with the 'drama,' but the 'love' songs don't flow with the banal 'story,' leaving both the director and his movie's main character to roll around in a puddle of narcissism. Two choice samplings from the soundtrack: "I smelled your fingers, swine / where did they get that odd smell? / It's definitely not mine" (via Ms. Ludivine Sagnier, kicking it faster than Janet Leigh) and "For if you wish to love / for the sheer sake of it / the worm in the apple / can slip between our teeth" (huh?). The second coming of Coward, Sondheim, et. al. these people are not.