The Lovers of the Arctic Circle

Director: Julio Medem
Year Released: 1998
Rating: 1.5

Star-crossed lovers meet when they're both very young and become step-siblings when his Dad and her Mom get together - his name is Otto and her name is Ana, and since those names are palindromes, that means they're destined to be together (the great love story between Racecar and Radar has yet to be explored). Normally filmmakers try to avoid contrivances and overt symbolism, but oh no, not Medem: he takes these very contrivances and makes them the star of the show, mistakenly thinking that if he draws attention to them, they become less obnoxious and more poetic (he is incorrect). This kind of pre-planned, weaving storyline needs to be in literary format so that the New York Times Review of Books can over-extended itself (as usual) praising the shit out of it (they do love their pomo drivel). At least with Sex and Lucía, Medem provides adequate visual distraction in the form of Paz Vega.