Director: Kevin Lima
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 2.0

Innocuous fairy tale (assembled using various bits of the Disney oeuvre) takes cutie pie princess (Amy Adams) out of Wonderland and into modern-day Manhattan in search of her Prince (James Marsden). Adams completely steals the show, deftly conveying innocence and pulling off the musical numbers while co-star Patrick Dempsey is given the flat role of a divorce attorney wooed by her charms (reliable character actor Timothy Spall has a nice bit as an evil stooge). It's aimed solely at kids because they're the only ones capable of appreciating the sappiness, though it is nice that the little ones (who may be coming from single-parent homes or have step-parents) are being carefully fed pro-marriage fodder. I like the cartoon bits a lot more than the live-action and wish the whole thing would have been animated, though (as usual) I am probably alone in that regard.