The Emperor's New Groove

Director: Mark Dindal
Year Released: 2000
Rating: 3.0

Wonderfully humorous Disney film, which most critics chose to ignore, about the usual Disney-type morals (revolving around friendship and kindness to others), but sold so well due to a freewheeling absence of logic, anime-inspired wackiness, inspired digressions and a supremely talented voice cast (Patrick Warburton is brilliant as Kronk, Wendie Malick is too as John Goodman's no-bullshit wife). Well directed and constructed, though sometimes Spade's character gets on your nerves (his anti-hero smarminess stains the picture's light air); alternately, the dialogue gets repetitious at times, but for the most part it's pretty witty and self-reflexive, with all the key characters getting their share of the zingers (however, John Goodman seems delegated to playing the straight guy role). Its running time is slim but packed - Dindal and crew don't waste any time getting the story together and done with. Pleasant, upbeat fun - unquestionably one of the best films of the year. Squeek.