2 Days in Paris

Director: Julie Delpy
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 2.0

Parisian photographer (Delpy) takes her neurotic Jewish New Yorker boyfriend (Adam Goldberg, funny but not stretching it) to her hometown where he meets all the men she ever slept with (or just blew), her parents and her obese cat. A combination fish-out-of-water story (it's a send-up of all those worst-case scenario stories you hear about the City of Lights) with romantic turmoil story (he's the jealous type, she's the type of girl jealous types shouldn't date): the two of them bicker, sort-of break-up and then stay together. In all, it's a quainter, less 'touristy' portrait of the city than most of the 2006 omnibus film Paris, je t'aime, though still familiar and 'safe.'