Director: Adrienne Shelly
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 2.0

Pie-mad waitress Keri Russell has a job she loves (to bake and to serve) but a husband she hates, a baby in the womb that she's indifferent towards and a gynecologist (Nathan Fillion) she has a crush on. The high level of quirk makes everyone a charming oddity, including diner owner Andy Griffith (who follows the horoscopes religiously and doesn't want ice in his beverages) and the awkward baby doc who you'd swear would faint if he ever saw a dilated vagina (it's as if Chris Noth's frame and Woody Allen's mind were mashed together), though the third act gives out when Everything Becomes Perfect For Everyone (except, ironically and tragically, director/actress Shelly in real life, who was murdered in Manhattan). The music selection could have used a little re-doing: as a rule, there is never, ever a good reason to play any song ever written by the band Cake. Ever.