Four Nights of a Dreamer

Director: Robert Bresson
Year Released: 1971
Rating: 3.5

An artistic young man wanders through the streets of Paris, looking for love and inspiration, prevents a young woman from jumping off a bridge into the Seine; he becomes enamored with her, but she's emotionally attached to another man (who left her). Thoughtful and poetic, Bresson once again strips away all the excess for this adaptation of Dostoyevsky's White Nights, leaving only the Romantic Predicament: can you make someone love you by being a blanket for him/her and telling him/her about your affection or will that other person merely bolt the minute that other person comes back into the picture? If the ending is an indicator, Bresson is a bit of a pessimist (or is that realist?), but he also believes his artist will find what he's looking for. Until then, there is art ... and, optimistically, more than four nights in a lifetime to go searching.