Live Free or Die Hard

Director: Len Wiseman
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 2.0

By-the-numbers action picture with a surface message about domestic terrorism and fear just enough to stay 'timely' - meanwhile, it's John McClane versus French assassins, John McClane versus a helicopter, John McClane versus Maggie Q and John McClane, in a truck, versus a fighter jet. Wiseman knows how to direct an action scene and Bruce Willis is still a tenable action star - he's unpretentious, he's got the stare and the ladies still love him - though his character's indestructibility reaches cartoonish levels and the Die Hard Universe, like the James Bond Universe, never seems to run out of megalomaniacs bent on taking over the world, taking all the world's money and killing off their own henchmen (which the screenwriters make a meta-joke out of at one point). Someone knowledgeable please tell me: between Anthony Anderson in Transformers and Justin Long and Kevin Smith in this, is there a direct link between owning action figures and being a hacker? I'm just curious, that's all.