Mr. Brooks

Director: Bruce A. Evans
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 1.0

Evasive serial killer (Kevin Costner) - who actually has conversations with his Id, played by William Hurt - makes a mistake while committing a double homicide and gets caught by a Peeping Tom (Dane Cook) who wants to learn 'the trade.' Even though an effort is made to try and make this original, it tumbles: I was distracted by the discussions between Costner and Hurt (it's a lift from Fight Club), there are too many subplots going on (and too many characters under-developed, especially Cook's mechanical engineer) and it fits together too neatly. Cook's role is underwritten, but he's not much of an actor or a comedian and his bloodlust is a put-own (maybe Topher Grace would have been more convincing?), but Costner's a surprise in what's probably his best role in a decade. In medical news, the film suggests there's a Serial Killer Gene that gets passed from family member to family member! Notify Johns Hopkins!