Fist of the North Star

Director: Ashida Toyoo
Year Released: 1986
Rating: 3.0

Anime staple features (1.) ridiculously powerful post-humans living in a (2.) post-apocalyptic future full of (3.) collapsing buildings and (4.) maniacal baddies. In this they can (5.) punch through walls, (6.) be thrown off cliffs and still survive, (7.) channel energy waves by (8.) making grunting noises and (9.) fire off punches and kicks with lighting speed. They say things dramatically when they're (10.) in close up, while the (11.) background simultaneously flashes waves that can actually harm most epileptics. There is a (l2.) little girl - who wears skirts shorter than any girl I went to high school with (and that's short) - in danger presumably because she has the ability to (13.) save the planet by planting trees and flowers. (14.) The bad guys always want to kill her, but (15.) she can summon the hero, Ken, by mentally 'calling out' for him. In true anime fashion, this Ken can (16.) die and be reborn on a whim. Eventually there is a (17.) showdown between Ken and his mutant brother and as a result of the punches and kicks fired at lightning speed, there is (18.) enough blood shed during the battle to fill the Sea of Japan. As with all marketing ploys, (19.) video games, comics and, of course, action figures accompanied this. (20.) Logic, even on its own level, is unnecessary. Also see: Dragon Ball Z.