From Beyond

Director: Stuart Gordon
Year Released: 1986
Rating: 2.5

A mad scientist and his mad scientist assistant unlock a passage way to Another Dimension (!) with Flying Eels (!) and Jellyfish (!) and also unlock their Pineal Glands (!) in the process, making things Sexy as Hell (!). As with Gordon's Re-Animator, the potent potion of hammy acting, hammy dialogue, extreme gore and sex may promote a queasy feeling in many - and sometimes feels like it's just Too Damn Much (!?) - but few horror directors are as truly impassioned about movie-making as Gordon (who, I was shocked to discover, started off doing theatre work in Chi-town!). I recall not being all that blown away by Re-Animator the first time I saw it years ago, but am now starting to think that picture might just need another look-see one day (Jeffrey Combs' unique style of sweaty overacting isn't for every mood and occasion).