28 Weeks Later

Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Year Released: 2007
Rating: 2.0

Two grotesque monsters (and by that I mean a teenage girl and her younger brother) don't follow their Dad's directions and wander outside the quarantined parts of London, unwittingly unleashing the Rage Virus once again in this sequel to 28 Days Later. I'm not going to argue that this isn't a better "action" movie than the original - because the chases can get tense (the Death by Helicopter is also 'cool' in an adolescent kind of way) - though it doesn't have the visual inventiveness (having Anthony Dod Mantle around is always a good idea) or quick-and-dirty freshness of that picture (which is only above average to begin with), not to mention that the boy and girl are quite bland as the all-important lead characters that so many have to be sacrificed to save. Robert Carlyle plus Angry Germ equals Black-Eyed Begbie - no big shocker there, is it mate?