Let's Scare Jessica to Death

Director: John D. Hancock
Year Released: 1971
Rating: 0.5

Jessica, fresh out of the asylum, goes to some bumblefuck town with her husband and some other guy (!?), but her old demons follow her there, and she hears voices, sees blonde mutes in cemeteries and, thanks to (I'm guessing) a recent viewing of Night of the Hunter, believes a dead woman is floating in the lake. The title suggests there's a conspiracy afoot against her, and the picture leads you to believe that, but it's really too dumb for any kind of cleverness - in fact, aside from the lead psycho's hard blinking and twitching, it's an incoherent and pointless picture. She starts off crazy, she continues the craziness and ends up really, really crazy. Take your meds, Jessica, I mean seriously.