Anatomy of a Relationship

Director: Luc Moullet and Antonietta Pizzorno
Year Released: 1976
Rating: 2.0

Basically, the character played by Luc Moullet (who may or may not be based on Luc Moullet) needs serious lessons in Affection and Cunnilingus (remember kids: A-B-C-D..., you can do it!). Tired of his in-and-out bedroom behavior, Moullet's female companion (played by Christine Hébert, who may or may not be based on co-director Antonietta Pizzorno) grows deeply unsatisfied sexually; 'Moullet,' a filmmaker, cares little about anything but his own needs. Self-exposure can be a good thing - in poetry, in painting, in literature, sometimes in movies - but there's something off about this - it's wooden and awkwardly put together, and the willingness to be so 'exposed' and 'self-critical' carries with it a kind of ugly egotism (also see: JLG, Caveh Zahedi). Kazuo Hara's documentary Extreme Private Eros: Love Song 1974 is similar (and crude), but to my mind more pungent and affecting since Hara forgoes 'dramatic recreation' by shoving his camera in his wife's face and into the middle of his own life.