Can Dialectics Break Bricks?

Director: René Viénet
Year Released: 1973
Rating: 3.0

Situationist International member and political prankster Viénet détourns a C-grade karate movie by re-dubbing the dialogue with statements about consumerism and the corruption of bureaucrats - he also tosses in the occasional intellectual joke about Wilhelm Reich and Fidel Castro (not to mention a healthy smattering of cursing). The effect is pretentious but clever and strangely compelling as he tailors the political rhetoric for the unlikeliest of genres (lowbrow action pictures), using "entertainment" to push a message. The idea of détournement is influential and crude interpretations crop up frequently in art films and the media in general, and this is suitable introduction to some of the work of the S.I. - fellow Situationist Guy Debord's films are much more grave in tone and intricate in their philosophical declarations.