Charlie's Angels

Director: McG
Year Released: 2000
Rating: 2.0

Wins a special award for best introduction for a movie this year (Drew Barrymore as LL Cool J!), but after seven minutes, it would be wise to turn off the tape, as the rest of the time is basically standard post-Matrix, Mission: Impossible stuff, only not nearly as groundbreaking or thrilling or captivating. There is only reason worth seeing it: Bill Murray, who steals absolutely every second he's on screen (the collective "personalities" of the three lead angels - Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu - are flat and plastic compared to the Temple of Bill). Crispin Glover and the baddies try to act evil and fiendish but instead come off the same way the hammy goons in Mission: Impossible 2 did (which it is not smart enough to properly satirize). Charlie's Angels is mostly pointless, choppy and endless, though seeing ol' Bill whittle a gun out of a stone (rock?) almost made me fall off my bed (there are a few quirky moments sprinkled throughout that I enjoyed).